Nancy S. / January 2012
I am a professional pianist and the arthritis in my hands (and toes) was really painful. Once a week Dr. Nancy basically removes ALL PAIN and I can play the piano completely pain-free. I also am rarely sick. Dr. Nancy has changed that--I am so grateful to her!

Anonymous / January 2012
Dr. Nancy is not just a wonderful chiropractor but and all-around whole health coach. The exercises and stretches she's assigned me have been extremely helpful in easing various pains. Beyond that, the lady's just a brilliantly energetic spirit and great soul.

Carly S. / January 2012
I found Dr Hollis on the website. I receive the best results with this type of chiropractic therapy. Dr Hollis is extremely experienced and keeps current with all of the new research in this field. As a patient, I was made to feel like I am part of her extended family. She is always there if I need her for an emergency treatment. She is a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing her. She always brings a smile to my face. Her staff, Alexis, and Pam are outstanding. I am so grateful I found Dr Hollis!!!!

Gillian B. / January 2012 /
I was "fired" by my chiropractor (who had a fabulous reputation) because he would not touch me unless I had back surgery. Dr. Nancy Hollis agreed with me that I could avoid surgery. I was able to continue gardening, dancing and yoga thanks to Dr. Nancy Hollis' remarkable healing powers and knowledge.

Sharon C. / December 2011 / age 72
When I was referred to Dr. Nancy by a friend, I'd had problems with my back and knees for quite some time. I saw good results in the first few adjustments, and kept improving with each visit. Now I walk much straighter, have no back pain and my knees are MUCH better. To me Dr. Nancy is a miracle worker with her adjustor device, deftly and gently applied, along with good exercise advice -- and sometimes philosophy! At last I'm in good shape and intend to stay so with regular 'maintenance' visits.

Marie H. / November 2011 / age 29
What to say about Hollis Chiropractic? Dr. Nancy and her staff are absolutely phenomenal. I first visited her office after everyone told me my only option was a chiropractor to fix my back, which had been injured in a fall from a horse years before--leaving me unable to bend over. I entered with the idea that she would be popping and grinding my bones, something I was not looking forward to. When I showed up it was like she had read my fear. I was invited in by the patient ahead of me to watch the procedure and get an explanation of how she works. If everyone had the experience of visiting Dr. Nancy those rumors about chiropractic manhandling would be null. With her offbeat humor, brutal honesty, amazing skill and talented, caring staff, this is an office that can't be beat. After just a visit, my back felt better than it had in years. After a couple more visits, I was able to run the half marathon I had been training for before my back became such a problem. Her staff has a family, familiar atmosphere, remembers names and events in your life and welcomes you into the office with smiles. They are great at letting you know what to expect before, during and after the treatment. With convenient hours, the office can accommodate pretty much any person's schedule. I am constantly recommending Hollis Chiropractic to friends, coworkers, and family members so that everyone can experience a happy, healthy back and neck.

Molly M. / October 2011
I can't say enough good stuff about Dr. Nancy's work. I"ve gone to her for years for various things. But this bout of treatment is blowing me away. I had a bad bike accident a couple of weeks ago and through her generous "activating" - she gets me out of the pain cycle and moving again. Most importantly though, she has educated me to be patient with the healing and walked me through the different stages that keep showing up with the whiplash.
She rocks. Is very reasonable with her rates and very generous with her treatments. Check her out!