Before Chiropractic
I was born in San Francisco--an only child--and raised near San Luis Obispo--my dad was a flower geneticist. We owned 20 acres--lots of hard work! I came to Marin by way of a scholarship to Dominican College for Girls in San Rafael. I married my high school sweetheart and had three kids by the time I was 26. I earned my teaching credential from Sonoma State in my 30s, and later, my special ed certification from the University of Montana. I taught a year of 7th Grade at a Catholic elementary school special education in a small mill town in Montana for two years.

Chiropractic and Me
Several years before I decided to be a chiropractor I had read What Color is your Parachute, a book about how to find your life’s work—chiropractic filled my need to help people regain their health, be my own boss and be able to work as long as I could. Within nine months of my decision I was in chiropractic school at the age of 43. It was so hard!—as many as 38 class hours per week—I did it! I started my practice in San Jose at 46—and after 11 years there I moved back home to Marin.

Chiropractic is Amazing
Through practicing, I found out what a miracle chiropractic is by seeing the results. People who have regular chiropractic care in their lives seldom get sick and have more energy. In all the years I’ve been a chiropractor no regular patients have ever had a heart attack or stroke. Often their lives change for the better as they start exercising more often and eat in a healthier way.

I treated an 18-month-old boy who had asthma since birth—after two cervical adjustments he never had another asthma attack!

I adjusted a 60-year-old woman who had metastasized cancer. I adjusted her two times a week, and after three months she was cancer-free!

I practiced osseous (standard) adjusting for 17 years, then found the Activator Method—it’s specific and gentle. I’ve been doing that for 10 years and have an Advanced Certified Degree—one of only two in Marin County.

I get adjusted every week of my life with the Activator, work out every morning and am healthy, energetic and happy!

In April of 2010, I moved my practice over to a sweet office in Sausalito with skylights and a flower-filled patio, where I see many long-standing patients. I love being a chiropractor and I plan to do it forever! Please call if you have any questions; we would love to have you in our office! 415-729-9135